Accordion Books + Booklets

These little guys make great gifts without breaking the bank. They are unique and printed on high quality card stock with magnetic enclosures. 4x8 Accordion Books can be customized individually whereas the 3x3 Accordion books come in a group of 3 identical prints.


1. Cover Style

4x8 Accordion Books

These make perfect gifts for family and friends! Totally customizable with 4 panels on the inside, 3 on the outside. They come in image wrap or fabric wrap cover options. 

3x3 Accordion Booklets

These little guys make great for gifts at a great price! They are a square shape and each order includes 3 identical booklets. They come in image wrap or fabric wrap cover options.

2. Swatch Selection

So many colors to choose from!


3. Cover Image

4x8 Accordion Books: Choose either a full image, which will span the front and the back in square crop format or two vertical images.

3x3 Accordion Booklets: Choose an image that works as a square crop.

4. Photo Selection

The easiest way to do this is to go to the online proofing gallery (link should be sent via email). If not, you should be able to find it on our Client Gallery Site. To indicate which photo you want, click on the preview and write down the number below the large preview image (circled in red). There is not a set number of photos you should select, it all depends on the layout. With that being said, I would suggest choosing 10-15 photos.

Below is an example 4x8 Accordion book made for a client. The first page is the cover, second the inside and last the outside


After you submit the questionnaire, you will receive a PDF proof via email. To revise the design, simply say "move #39 to the right left corner " or "make #256 larger". This way we can go back and forth until you are happy with the results. It takes about 5 business days to print.


Accordion Selection Questionnaire

Client Name *
Client Name
Accordion Delivery Address
Accordion Delivery Address
Which Style? *
1. Cover Style *
2. Swatch Selection *
*note: vegan leather not available
*Only applicable for Image Wrap cover styles
Choose 10-15 images for Accordion Books and 10 images for Accordion Booklets. List photo numbers - no description required. Indicate if individual photos need further editing/switching to or from black and white.