LV Album Selection

Your album tells the unique story of your day. This isn't something to be rushed so we customize the layout and design for each client. After reading through each step of the process, fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of the page and click "Submit".


1. Cover Style

You have 3 options: full image wrap, fabric/leather wrap and fusion (our personal favorite)

image wrap

fabric/leather wrap


2. Swatch Selection

Click on images to zoom in to the swatches.

3. Paper Type

Smooth Matte (recommended) - premium bright white color, classic matte finish

Linen - has a subtle embossed linen pattern

Stipple - Vivid color reproduction, adds depth to images

4. Page Substrate

You can choose either black or white for the substrate which is sandwiched in the middle.


5. Cover Image

The choice is totally up to you, however there are some layout constraints if you are thinking about a fusion cover style. The image aspect ratio is 4:5 (almost a square crop). Keep that in mind when selecting the photo for the fusion style and try to pick one that is not too zoomed in or body parts may get cropped...Eeeek! Below are examples which worked well. 

Sam-Simin Cover.jpg
Example Cover.jpg


6. Photo Selection (the fun part)

Once you are ready to make your selections, go to the special link provided in the same email as this questionnaire. At the bottom left corner of the large preview, there is an option to "Favorite" each photo you would like to be included in the album. Once you have made your selections, shoot us an email to let us know you're done!

There is no set number of photos that can go in the album, it all depends on the design! That being said, the average is about 80-100 in the Charles, 100-120 in the Kendall and 125-150 in the Harvard. I recommend selecting your absolute "must have" photos throughout the day and letting us fill in the gaps with what makes sense for the layout and timeline.


After you submit the questionnaire, you will receive a PDF proof via email. To revise the design, simply say "move #39 to page 4 " or "make #256 a full page spread on page 16". This way we can go back and forth until you are happy with the results. It takes about 10 business days to print and is then sent to the studio where we inspect the quality before delivering it your home. Albums are a big investment and we want to make sure everything is up to the highest standard!


Album Selection Questionnaire

Album Delivery Address *
Album Delivery Address
1. Cover Style *
2. Swatch Selection
4. Paper Type *
4. Page Substrate *
Only applicable for Fusion or Image Wrap cover styles
Any specific requests - photoshop out exit sign, prefer more or less black and white, etc.