At Lovely Valentine, we are always looking to expose great programs, especially those promoting community and the arts.  What a perfect excuse to head over to Emerson School's "Hand-Building" Ceramics class on a sunny Thursday morning.  Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts offers up some amazing arts programs set against the picturesque Concord, MA landscape.  

The class was all smiles and laughs as they spent the early part of the morning discussing glazing techniques in small clusters or getting right to it and losing themselves in their work.   Smells of damp clay mixed with fresh coffee while plenty of soft daylight came in through the tall westerly windows, creating an almost euphoric sense of calm.  Tina Forbes, the instructor, was so welcoming and engaged her students on a personal level.  They all seemed like close friends that have been doing this together for a while.

If you need any more reason to visit Concord, Lincoln and the surrounding rural towns - we keep finding more every time we go.  Whether it is biking the Minuteman route from Cambridge all the way to Walden Pond or taking a Sunday drive over to the deCordova Museum, these towns inspire nostalgia for the simpler and slower pace of life.  Someday, we daydream of our own sliver of utopia with a full studio at home along a rolling hill.

Be sure to check Emerson Umbrella's events and course offerings!