When it comes to the great outdoors, we like to be in the action but every now and then we sit back and watch everyone else do all the hard work.  This years Herring Run & Paddle for the Mystic River Watershed Association was a perfect opportunity to get out of the office and catch some local action.   In its 17th year, the Herring Run & Paddle took place on Sunday, May 19th, and featured athletes in all age groups running, paddling and biking their way to the finish line.

MyRWA, and organizations like it, enrich both their local environment and community culture, getting both young and old alike out in the sun and away from the tireless glowing screens.  Speaking of which, its in the 90s today and the rains are gone - time to fire up the grill and get on outside!  

Big thanks to Beth MacBlane, Outreach Coordinator for the Mystic River Watershed Association, for reaching out to us and getting us in the mix!  Check out more info on MyRWA's numerous projects, programs and upcoming events at:



as well as photos from this years Herring Run & Paddle by us and other great photographers: