Our friend, Ruben Alves, and his crew were involved in this years 48hr Film Project under the moniker "Money Asterisk Project."  Check their 5-minute short this Wednesday at 9:30pm at Kendall and spot Emilie and myself in one of the scenes!  

48hr Film Project assigned teams a specific genre at 7pm this past Friday and were given until 7pm this Sunday to hand it in - scripted, filmed, and completely cut & edited!  Money Asterisk Project was assigned gangster/crime plot, shooting on Red cams (a dream) and backed by an amazing film crew.  The film was produced by the infamous Ruben Alves and directed by the talented Bojan Vanovac from Surefire Music.

n this gangster short, I play the part of "The Inventor," a distraught drug lord who is mourning the loss of his mother by rival gangs.  Emilie and our friend, Christina, are my sidekick honeys, consoling me through this tough period.  It was a ridiculously fun time behind the scenes.  I won't spoil the rest so be sure to book your ticket and we'll see you on the red carpet!  


For more info on 48 Hour and what they're all about or booking tickets to the screenings: