What is your pricing?

Our starting rate for intimate weddings under 50 people is $3500 and our standard full day wedding coverage with two photographers starts at $4500. Custom quotes are given for destination weddings. If you reach out via our Connect Form, we will respond as soon as we can with our full pricing brochure and more information.

Do all of your packages include 2 photographers?

Our standard wedding package does include two photographers. There are many points throughout the day which greatly benefit from two perspectives. The most vital times being when the couple is getting ready in two separate locations, during the ceremony and during the portrait session so someone can cover the cocktail hour and capture reception details while the other photographs the family, bridal party and couple.

We offer a 1 photographer collection for an intimate weddings under 100 people. Especially for informal celebrations, 1 photographer is able to capture everything beautifully.

What is your photography style?

This is always a tough question since every wedding is so different! We use a mix of styles to capture the day with some artfully set-up details and editorially styled poses along with the photojournalistic style of capturing moments as they unfold. Family photos must be staged but in general, we want your photos to be genuine and not feel too posed.

Our editing style also somewhat varies depending on the day and the season. An evening ballroom wedding will look different than a rustic barnyard one. Our editing is generally bright and colorful with a timeless style. We deliver about 10-20% of images in black and white. There always a compositional and/or lighting reason for why a certain photo is color vs black and white.

Do you charge for travel?

We absolutely love destination weddings and we have been all over the world. When booking us for an out of town wedding, we find the cheapest rates and send an estimate. We don't charge anything extra outside of plane tickets, hotel and transportation cost. We cover a good portion of New England without needing a hotel stay, with the exception of any location with driving over 2 hours each way.



How many photos will we receive?

Every wedding is different and we do not have a set number in mind. We deliver all the photos that come out removing blinks, doubles, flash-didn't-fire photos. The general rule of thumb is 50 photos per hour per photographer. So an 8 hour wedding with two photographers generally results in about 800 photos.

What is your editing process?

We individually edit each and every photo that we deliver to you. Some photos require more editing than others, such as close up portraits, which include blemish removal and teeth whitening. We don't heavily photoshop your photos. For anything being printed in an album, we go a step further to remove exit signs and any other distracting element.

Do you offer albums?

Yes! Our albums come in 10x10 and 12x12 format with thick board pages. The images are printed on the pages like a book and come with a variety of cover options as well as a case to keep it safe.

To learn more about the design process, check out this page: Albums

Do we own the photographs?

Yes and no. You own the print rights to make copies anywhere you like for personal use. This includes posting online and making prints. You don't own the actual legal copyright as that defaults to the photographer in all circumstances, unless specifically outlined in the contract. You also cannot profit off the photos by selling them to third parties.

We also love to post the photos on our blog, social media and potentially send to publications. With that being said, if you would like to keep the photos private, we understand and will respect your wishes. Just let us know ahead of time.

Can we get the raw photos?

We do not provide raw photos to our clients for many reasons. The first being that we have already delivered all the photos that you would want to see. There aren't hidden gems that we're holding back from you. The ones we don't deliver are true outtakes and doubles. Also, the photos that come straight from the camera are in a file format that you cannot open unless you own photoshop, lightroom or other professional editing software. Editing is half the creative work and akin to asking a baker to hand over their ingredients instead of the finished cake.

What equipment do you use?

We use different cameras for different purposes. For photography coverage, we use Canon 5D Mark IV's and III's. For video, we use Canon 5D Mark IV's, Sony FS5, a Sony A7S II and a Phantom, Inspire or Mavic drone. For lenses, we use Canon L-series glass: 35mm f/1.4 50mm f/1.2 85mm f/1.2 100mm f/2.8 macro 16-35 f/2.8 24-70 f/2.8 70-200 f/2.8

Wedding photography information


Do you have insurance?

Yes we do and if your venue requests it, we would be happy to provide them with a certificate of insurance.

How long have you shot weddings?

We began our photography business in 2012 and shot our first paid weddings in 2013. Since then, our studio has shot over 100 weddings! We typically shoot between 30-40 weddings a year to retain the boutique feeling of our business. Since we don't work in great volume, we are able to focus on each couple individually.

How do we reserve our date and how do you handle payments?

The way to reserve the date is to sign a contract and put down a retainer payment. We do give preference to those who inquired first but if another couple is looking to sign, we cannot hold your date for long. The retainer is 50% of the total contract price with the remainder due 1 month before the wedding. Many couples choose to add-on hours or albums, which are generally paid for after the wedding.

What if we cancel our wedding?

Once you put down a retainer, we turn down all other inquiries for that date. In the event that you decide to cancel, our studio suffers a loss. There are only so many wedding days in a year and we rely on those bookings as our primary source of income. That being said, if we end up re-booking your date then we will refund the retainer.

Do you offer any discounts?

We occasionally do offer discounts for weekday and off-season days. It is at the discretion of our team.

Can Uncle Bob take photos with his camera?

In the photo community, Uncle Bob is a reference to the family member or friend who loves to bring their DSLR to events. We don't mind Uncle Bob but have had issues with people jumping in front of us as the bride walks down the aisle or hovering near us during family portraits so people don't know where to look. We kindly request to have time alone with just the couple during the creative session but any other time is fair game as long as they are not interfering with our work. We take our job very seriously and do not want to miss important moments!

Should we feed you during the reception?

We are running around all day carrying heavy gear from one place to another. Granola bars and water can only go so far. We really need about 20 minutes to sit down and have a hot meal. We're not picky on what it is (no allergies) and almost all venues offer vendor meals that are less costly than guest meals since they do not include drinks or appetizers.

Many venues have a policy to feed vendors after all the guests have eaten. This is a problem when we have nothing to do when guests are eating and the second we get our meal, a major event happens such as the parent dances or cake cutting. It helps immensely if you speak to your coordinator before the wedding to ensure that we eat when you eat so we don't miss an important moment.