Elegance with an Edge

We are photographers and filmmakers with creativity and a sense of humor! We cherish photographs that grab your attention and pull you into their story, making you laugh, cry, dream and relive a moment. We think ahead of how someday, you'll be able to look back at it all and remember the powerful feeling of that day. Our photography is a mix of photojournalistic and editorial, a story unfolding. Whether interested in photo, video or both, we strive to capture the honesty and emotion of your day.

Our weddings have been featured in Boston Wedding Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Vermont Bride Magazine, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Brit + Co, Cosmopolitan, The Westchester Wedding Planner and Bridal Guide to name a few.

Emilie Pickering Lovely Valentine Photo and Video Co-Founder Photographer and Videographer

Emilie Pickering | Co-founder

Born and raised in the Boston area, I have always had a passion for art, exploring the mediums of ceramics, photography, sculpture and performance. My sense for proportion has been shaped by my degree in Architecture. From my first experience developing in the darkroom at age 12 to creating architectural renderings, I am continuously fascinated by the multitude of ways a photograph can be perceived.

I gain inspiration by traveling the world and always seek out new foods, places and experiences.  Some may say I'm a nerd for my love of science (I am always caught watching anything sci-fi).  My dedication and honesty carry on in my relationships and work.  I take great pride in what I do and enjoy seeing it uplift those around me.

Jovan Tanasijevic Co- Founder of Lovely Valentine Photo + Video Photographer and Videographer

Jovan Tanasijevic | Co-founder

My love of photography is rooted in its ability to crystallize a moment, quality or feeling. My breadth of study in the fields of architecture, art, film and graphic design are infused in our studio. Years of professional and academic work in architecture have shaped my artistic sensibility and exposed me to various mediums, often collaborating with other artists. Spontaneity and creativity that overwhelm the senses are what keep our inner child alive.

My heart is in Macedonia, along with my relatives, a vibrant culture and history I was lucky to have experienced during long summers there. The big brother to three beautiful sisters, I love to be there to capture all their great achievements.


Enver Perez Lovely Valentine Photo and Video Videography Editor

Enver Perez | Filmmaker, Editor

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, I jumped into video editing shortly after graduating from college. The position led me to work at multiple national broadcasting stations. In 2011, I decided to move to Massachusetts to continue developing my passion for film. I graduated with my second degree, this time in film production. Having been in the field for nearly a decade, I've already been blessed with amazing opportunities to work on challenging and diverse projects. I can only imagine how incredible the next decade will be!

GuruAmar Khalsa | Filmmaker, Editor

With a background in journalism and storytelling, GuruAmar loves telling stories through photo or video. Her attention to detail, ability to read situations, and tendency to climb tall things for the perfect angle have made her an essential part of the team. From Florida to India to Oregon to Alaska to Boston, she is always right at home as long as she has a camera....and coffee.

Derek Palmer Lovely Valentine Photo and Video Photographer

Derek Palmer | Photographer

Native to New England, I moved to Boston to pursue a visual arts degree in a diverse and stimulating urban setting. With a strong concentration in documentary and journalism I have experienced some amazing opportunities and have met some incredible people, all through my lens. I have learned that life is all about the in-between moments. To be a contributor in someone else's story is truly a rewarding experience for me. My work as a photographer is to help bring your own narrative to life.

Currently, I'm living in Jamaica Plain with my pup and close friends. When not shooting your most memorable events you can find me teaching, working in commercial studios in Boston, getting lost in my travels, and forever studying my passion and craft, photography.

Christine Hensley Lovely Valentine Photo and Video Photographer and Photo Editor

 Christine Hensley | Photography Editor

Hi! I'm Christine. Wanderlust has landed my family in New England and we've been enjoying the city lifestyle. I'm married to my best friend and we have a spunky, adventurous three year old son, Keagan. I enjoy taking strolls to the dog park with my dog, Bailey, exploring new places and going to concerts (hello Modest Mouse!)

My vision is simple: to create beautiful, creative photography. Originally from Florida, I learned the trades of photography and design at the University of West Florida. I enjoy capturing romantic moments that tell a story of love and happiness in one photo. I've been published in lifestyle photography magazines and trade journals. I'm always striving to learn more and experience new places!


Bojan Vanovac | filmmaker

As an award winning director, I am no stranger to making concepts come alive on the big screen. In 2013, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking & Video Production. My breadth of experience ranges from film and documentaries to music videos and commercials. Reaching millions of views on social platforms and being published in various magazines such as Time and Boston Globe are just a few accomplishments in my young career as a director.

I find experience in unique places. My parents were born in a war-torn country and worked hard to raise me in an environment where I could thrive. My growth continued when I moved to Boston in 2010, where I was given the opportunity to connect with like-minded artists and thrive within a creative community—a place where I could create my own path.

Aldous Huxley Lovely Valentine Photo and Video Office Dog

The Huxley | Office Dog

I love hiking up mountains and long swims in any body of water I can find. When the human pack is at the studio, I spend my time napping under Emilie's desk while she's editing. During consultations I try my very best to be in the laps of whoever is sitting on the couch, otherwise I'm not allowed up there. 

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