Song choice is very important for the overall feel of a wedding film. It impacts the timing, emotions and style. We want you to love the vibe of your video but ask for a little direction so that we choose a song you will love and that will work perfectly with your wedding day.


About Licensing

In order to use a song in your wedding film, we need to license it through a service. Illegally using copyrighted songs can level huge penalties (I'm talking tens of thousands per song). Video hosting services such as Vimeo, Youtube and Facebook have prohibited songs to be uploaded that infringe on copyrighted material and actually delete the entire video if you offend. If you would like to share the highlight film with your family and friends online, we are only able to use licensed songs. Note: buying something on iTunes does NOT count as licensing the song. That is for personal use only and not for distribution online.


Your wedding film should be timeless. Catchy pop songs that you love today will sound dated in just a few short years. We prefer to select instrumental tracks. That also helps us overlay the audio from vows and toasts without having it compete with song lyrics.

We choose songs within the same style family so that they flow effortlessly from one to the next. Some styles that work great are cinematic (like a movie score), folk (strumming guitar), classical (piano or strings) and post-rock (think Coldplay-esque). That being said, when a wedding has a cultural component then we often incorporate those flavors such as jazz in a New Orleans wedding.

The Sites

Below are some of our favorite licensing sites. If you would like to browse them yourself, go for it!

The Music Bed

The go-to site for filmmakers around the world. This site has extremely high quality songs that are used for scoring movies, commercials and documentaries. It is our favorite place for cinematic and ambient tracks. You need to create a free account to hear the full preview tracks.

Fyrfly - Song Freedom

The best bet for popular songs. The caveat being that you will find a great many wedding films using these songs again and again (such as Christina Perri A Thousand Years). Looking beyond the pop songs, there is a good selection throughout with every genre. 


One of the newest and hottest licensing services around, soundstripe simplifies searching based on mood and is constantly adding new tracks. We really like the ease of browsing and their great instrumental selection.

Song Selection Questionnaire

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